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    May 18, 2002
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    I am one click away from the sub order Irregardless of the price differential, could y'all comment on the sonic differences between running (2)VTF-3's versus the Dual CS-Ultra Package. The Home theater is located in a "great room" which is open to the rest of the house and therefore has massive cubic volume. I am interested in a subwoofer package that can deliver the goods! I am leaning toward the SVS subs...but I keep hearing great reviews on the HSU subs!
    The rest of the equipment is:
    *Denon 5803
    *Cambridge Soundworks Newton T500 towers(containing internal 300W subs)
    *MC500 center
    *(4)S300 tripoles for the rear "stuff"

    I know some of you hate anything CSW produces and I tried very hard to not like them myself...but can you believe I picked them over both the Polk Audio LSi25's and the DefTech Bp2000's....I know weird!!!! Now if I can only hide the CSW logo I'll be set!
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    I think that with these two subs, you can only decide between the two with personal preference. You might have to take into account looks, placement issues, amplification issues, etc, etc, and as for sound quality, it is damnb near a toss up. I think you will get more boom with the SVS package, which is good for fx movies and such, but if you are more in tuned to musicality and quickness in a sub, go for the Hsu. Or if you really want to see, get one hsu and one svs, and see how they compare and compete. That would be sick.

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