Help: Classic Infinity SM Theater Tweeter Isn't Working :(

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mike_Cif, Dec 7, 2004.

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    I've had these great speakers for around 7-8 years now, and they've served me very well. I love the natural sound, and huge dynamics with the 15 inch woofers. They are the old style Infinity SM 150.
    A very odd thing happened last night but I was noticing that one side of the sound stage seemed a bit more bright. After some further testing it was very clear that the tweeter on the right speaker was not on!. I had then continued to remove the tweeter to make sure there was not any lose connections, and unfortunately that was not the problem because I was able to play the tweeter in another speaker. So the only remaining problem is the old style crossover that these infinity's have. This is also a even bigger problem because #1. its would be nearly impossible to find a replacement #2 They are on/inside the box in such a weird way trying to actually replace them or be able to even attempt to fix it is next to impossible.

    By chance has anyone have, or had experience with these speakers and the crossover?

    Also, if wondering what type of suggestions anyone might have should I start considering new speakers, as while I think they even still sound excellent without the tweeter in one speaker since so much vocals come from the mids, I don't believe I want speakers where one of the tweeters isn't working, and it just seems next to impossible to fix these beauties. I guess what would you do if you where in my sitution, really in love with speakers that you had, and find them in a wierd sitution where they are older and trying to find a replacement part like the crossover just isn't easy, and extremely hard to even replace if it was found. ugh.

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    I'd go to Best Buy and drop $200 on the Athena F1's.

    Part out the bad unit, sell the other intact, it should be a wash.
  3. Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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    You might try contacting Infinity’s parts department at 516-674-4463. It’s possible they can sell you a factory replacement.

    Alternately you might look out for some SM-150’s on eBay. Get a used pair for parts, even if they’re not as nice looking as yours.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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