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Sep 27, 2006
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Hello guys, I am fairly new to this forum. Right now i am finishing my home theater. I will have a Proficient 6.1 monitors for L/R fronts, 12" Dayton sub, 6" Dayton inwalls for L/R rears and an unknown center(something with 5or 6" inch mids.

Video wise i will 3 componet connections: dvd, digital cable and ps2/ps3. which will connected to a 32" tv and an Infocus projector.

I need some real world opinions on a new amp. My budget is around $300. I am currently looking at Yamaha 5840 or 5940, Onkyo 504 and Denon 1707 or 587.

All of these have enough optical and componet inputs. I do not plan only needing Hdmi/Dvi connections for a few years. When i do need them i will buy a new Receiver/Amp and move this one to my living room to replace my 6 year old Yamaha.

I am currently leaning toward the Yamaha's because i do have a Yamaha now in my living room that i have been extremely pleased with.

I did do some searches and thats what has help me narrow my choices down to these.

thanks, sorry its so long

Dan Hitchman

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Jun 11, 1999
I may be drawn and quartered for saying this, but I would not buy a receiver or pre-amp/processor yet. If you have some patience there should be a whole slew of products coming next year with all the new surround products for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs such as Dolby TrueHD lossless, DTS-HD, DTS Master Audio lossless, and Dolby Digital Plus lossy (all with ultra-high resolution 8 channel discrete capabilities) along with the necessary HDMI version 1.3 digital inputs.

Some will say: "well, you can get a receiver with an earlier version of HDMI and have a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player do the decoding internally and send it through as PCM." My reply to them would be: "name one player that's been released or announced that handles internally all of the new audio formats and all of their features." I bet they can't.

I'm waiting to upgrade until next year, and when it comes to good audio I'm a very impatient person.



Jul 17, 2006
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Seth L
I am also waiting for HDMI 1.3. The only reason I made the suggestion was because of the price range $300 isn't going to get the best in sound with or without HDMI 1.3 and advanced surround sound. I really don't think you would notice a difference of sound between a $300 receiver with advanced surround sound and a $300 that doesn't, just an opinion though.

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