Help: CAT cables vs Pure Silver Sound

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    Has anybody done any comparisons between the Silvercats from CAT cables, or the Quartets from Pure Silver Sound, and what would your recommendation be? These would be used to run between a preamp and monoblock amps.
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    I haven't used cables from either manufacturer, but if you don't get replies here, you ought to post your question on the Cable Asylum on Audio Asylum. Here is the link:
    I've seen these cables discussed there in the past. In fact, you might do a search on the site to see what others have said. In viewing both manufacturers web sites, they seem to have well-constructed products at good prices. I am particularly interested in Pure Silver Sound's integrated amp jumper cables (link between the pre-outs and main-ins on the back of the integrated amp). They look to be of very high quality. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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    I can help a bit. I have a pair of Silvercats and a Blackcat digital interconnect and all I can say is that they are simply awesome. It's really unbelievable the amount of quality and value you get from their products. I can't recommend them highly enough.
    EDIT (just had to add this little part in):
    Wow, look at the price differences...
    Puresilversound -
    PSS QuartetTM (0.5 meter pair) - $129.90
    Catcables -
    SilvercatsTM (0.5 meter pair) - $79.99 (coupon for additional $10 off is available in the bargains section here on HTF)
    Considering the fact that both products seem to be almost identical (high quality locking RCAs, braided pure silver wire, WBT silver solder, TFE dielectric, etc), it's not difficult to see where the better value is.
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