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Ian C

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 27, 2000
My wife has given me the go ahead in the next month to upgrade one thing in my system (up to $700). My system currently consists of:

Klipsh Synergy SB-1's all around with a KSC-1 Center, a Klipsh KSW-12 sub, and a Sony DB-830 receiver.

It would be nice to upgrade the receiver and get the latest formats (PL2) for games and such, as well as to have inputs for all my stuff, but at the same time I know my sub doesn't quite hit the bottom limits. I'm also aware that perhaps larger speakers would improve my system. I'm thinking perhaps Klipsch Reference Series (new or current at discount) or Axiom M22's with perhaps a new center wedged in there.

I don't use this system for music at all, just TV, games, and HT. I built this original system on a budget, and want to start working my way upwards (of course). Whatever I get, I want it to last a while. What do you think?

Other than the speakers I'm considering above, I'm considering a HK-525 receiver and an SVS 25-31 or 20-39 PCi sub.

Ian C.


May 5, 2002
Most people say that the first upgrade is your main speakers and then work from that.
This is what I did with upgrading:
Feb 02 - went from Kenwood speakers Mains,center,rears to
Acoustic Research Hi res series all the way around.

Mar 02 - replaced Kenwood 8" sub with Acoustic Research 12" sub.

June 02 - replaced kenwood reciever (no DTS) with Onkyo SR600(had issues with receiver) went to Pioneer 811

Feb 03 - replaced AR subwoofer with SVS 25-31PCi.

When I replaced my speakers i noticed a great improvement mainly because my old ones were like 86-88db and my new ones were 91db-93db.
Each upgrade was an improvement...in the end the best one was the SVS then the speakers.

Ian C

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 27, 2000
Well. I made up my mind. I just ordered a B-stock 20-39 PCi SVS. I'm graduating in a week and a half, and my wife gave me the go-ahead for my graduation present.

I'm just giddy with anticipation!...ugnh, can't...wait...must be patient.

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