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Jul 18, 2008
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Hello to all,
This is my first post, Im pretty good with sound and electronics in a basic way. I think most here are way beyond me but I think of myself pretty good in setting things up.
My question is, cause in this I really have no idea. Which system to buy or which is better quality, durability and sound wise. I've been in the Philippines the last few years and here the systems are way overprices so I'm looking at getting 2 shipped from the states. Putting one together myself with an amp and proper speakers will cost me a small fortune that I dont have here.
So.... I was looking online at these four systems but I'm not sure which one is better in the ways that I was asking. If you could tell me which one is best for the value or if you know of any other ones that are superior in quality and similar in price, it would be very much appreciated.
1. Sony HT-DDWG700 5.1 Channel Home Theater System with iPod Dock
2. Samsung HT-Z310 5.1 Channel Home Theater System
3. Philips HTS3544 5.1 Channel Home Theater System - Silver
4. LG LHT854 DVD Home Theater System with 1080p Upconversion

Those were all the titles from circuit city's website. Should be easy enough to find. If you know of any common defects, since I will have them shipped to the Philippines and having them sent back to the states for warantee repairs becomes expensive.

All the help you could give me is much appreciated.
Thanks to everyone in advance.


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