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help. built new PC, cdrom problems

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jeff Peake, Jul 2, 2002.

  1. Jeff Peake

    Jeff Peake Supporting Actor

    Jul 12, 1998
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    Epox 8k3a+
    Athlon 1900+
    512MB ram (PC2700)
    Plextor 40/12/40A CDRW
    Western Digital 12000JB drive

    When I install any OS (so far I have tried Win XP and Win2k), reading from the CDROM is INCREDIBLY slow. It took over 2 hours to install winXP. The CDROM spins up, reads a little data then spins down. OVer and over it does this. It cannot sustain any 40x reading....

    I know the CDROM is good, as I had previously used it in another system and it really flew.

    After I installed WinXP, any reading from the CD was unbearably slow. Something is hosed here.

    I have installed the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers, no changes.

    The CDRW is on IDE1 and the HD is on IDE0, both set to MASTER. I have made sure the CDROM is using UDMA Mode 2, tried a couple of different IDE cables, switched around the hard drive and cdrom, tried putting them master/slave...nothing is working.

    The setup looks fine, I know the drives both work.....is there something wrong with the new KT333 chipset??????

    Anyone have any ideas???

    Thanks alot

    Jeff Peake
  2. JasenP

    JasenP Screenwriter

    Dec 21, 1999
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    Kalamazoo, MI
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    Are there any problems showing in the Hardware settings, such as that evil little yellow exclamation point?

    Do you have an ATA controller card you could temporarily install to see if maybe the onboard controller is not working?

    I would also try Windows Update and see if there are newer drivers for your CDRW. Windows XP is not very forgiving about drivers.
  3. KyleS

    KyleS Screenwriter

    Jul 24, 2000
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    I dont think that it is a software problem that is causing the issue. I would check the IDE cable that you are using, another ATA controller card to rule out the IDE channel on your Motherboard and then try another CD-Rom in the computer to see how it works. Usually when a CD-ROM spins up and down and has major problems it is because it is having a hard time reading the disc or because its about to crap out on you. Hopefully you have some of these extra parts laying around.


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