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    I've never dealt with HT or HiFi system set-up, now I'm kinda lost. If the DVD has built-in decoder for DTS/DS like say Panasonic RP82, does that mean that I don't need the receiver? What do a need then, an amplifier, or I can connect the speakers straight to the DVD?

    Ps: Totally confused
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    Even if the DVD player includes internal DTS and Dolby Digital processing you will still need some sort of amplification. You can't connect speakers directly to the DVD player.

    A receiver with built-in DTS and Dolby Digital processing can be connected to the DVD player using a single digital cable and all processing handled by the receiver.

    Alternatively, you could use a 'Dolby Digital Ready' amplifier or receiver and connect six conventional RCA cables from the DVD player to the amplifier. In this case all processing will be handled by the DVD player. These hook-up options are always detailed in the DVD player and receiver's user manuals.

    In either case, amplification is performed by the home theatre receiver/amplifier (not a conventional stereo amplifier), which is connected to the speakers.


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