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Discussion in 'Displays' started by ClarenceF, Aug 18, 2004.

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    I am building a new home and am builing a custom enclosure for a projector (Probably Sharp XV-Z12000) to be inset into a wall. I am basically wanting a formal living/media room.

    My home desinger was able to do this but he was restricted to the inset being 8' 2" high from the floor.

    Does the center of the projector lense have to be at the upper edge of the screen? If so the screen is going to be much too high.

    I am really hoping that I could lower the screen a foot or two and the projector could remain at 8' 2" from the floor. If am unable to lower the screen I'm screwed. My ceiling in that room is 12 feet and to not want a 5' pole hanging out of my ceiling.

    I'm past the framing stage and the electricians need information yesterday where to put the outlets for the electric screen.

    I am seriously considering scraping the whole project. Any advice would be helpful.


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    The image is usually projected slightly above the lens. You'd need to check the paperwork for the projector you want to see exactly how the image is thrown, but you can always invert the projector (upside down) and then the image would be projected down the screen wall instead of up.
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    Clarence ...

    calm down, it's a PROJECTOR ... you can "aim" it [almost] anywhere you want. For now, you need to be aware of 2 things.

    1) For most projectors, it's going to be important to align the lens with the center of the screen. I'm only referring to left-right, dont worry about the vertical alignment for now. As such, make sure your projector enclosure is in a position such that a laser line coming out of the lens will strike the screen somewhere along a vertical line that runs up the center of your screen.

    2) Also be aware that if you are going to mount your projector near the ceiling, it will have to be mounted inverted (i.e. upside down, "feet" on the ceiling). You then change a setting in the menu to make the image "right side up". The reason for this is "image offset". Imagine the PJ sitting on a table projecting towards a wall/screen. It actually shoots "up" a bit. on a flat table, the bottom of the image will be higher than the lens. You can adjust the PJ feet a bit (ala .. the old book under the slide projector routine), but you don't want to go to far or the image will take on a trapezoidal shape, called "keystone". Projectors do have a built-in "keystone correction" feature, but it's best to use it sparingly so as to minimize distortion to the image.


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