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    Steven Simon
    Ok Guys,
    I need help.
    ANDYV is telling me that I don't need a dish to get HD, and I can use my cable to get the signal. All i need is the STB?? and that will give me HD....
    Someone please explain this,
    I'm new to HD so please go easy [​IMG]
    I know my RPTV is ready for it though [​IMG]
    Thanks In Advance,
    Steven R. Simon
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  2. CRyan

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    Well, if HD is available via your cable provider then you are ready to go I guess. You will need to get the cable box from your cable provider that will decode the HD and that will be it. You can also use another brand of set-top-box if you want OTA reception as well (doubtfull that your cable box will do this). In most cases a third party set-top-box will allow you to receive both OTA HD reception and the cable HD.
    Most cable providers are not yet passing HD, so you are lucky if this is available in your area. I assume you know whether or not HD is available locally. If not, check out to determine if OTA DTV is available.
    If this was not easy enough let us know. [​IMG]
    C. Ryan
  3. Michael St. Clair

    May 3, 1999
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    If you have Time Warner, and your local Time Warner is offering HDTV, just call them up. They'll provide you a different cable box that can tune the HD channels and provides the component 1080i outputs. Saves a lot of up-front costs (you don't have to buy a set top box).

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