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    I am trying to upgrade my wiring between my dvd player and my JVC HDTV
    monitor. I have been running it to the s-video in, but today I upgraded to
    a set of MonsterCable component cables.

    Here's the curve ball. My monitor has RGB in with a BNC connection, so I
    bought three BNC male to component female adapters at RadioShack. The
    dispay is completely tinted green now. The Red and Blue channels aren't
    aren't showing up apparently. There is a lot I do not understand in the
    owners manual for this HDTV/Monitor.

    First, do I need an external sync of those channels beofre feeding them to
    the TV?

    here are my connections

    RGB A YPbPr/RGB -BNC 75ohm termination
    RGB B in/out YPbPr/ RGB -BNC 75ohm or High-impedence Auto

  2. If it is going into the RGB it is a bit different. Component is YCbCr which is Luminance and the difference between chrominance and red/blue where RGB is the actual Red Green And Blue signal. What you could do if you have a DVD player in your PC is to get Theater Tek, a VGA breakout cable (Use all BNC's except for the H/V (horizontal Sync/Vertical Sync) and Powerstrip and output it to your TV. Or get a Component to VGA/RGB transcoder (not VGA to component) and then take a VGA breakout cable from this to your RGB input on your TV

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