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Feb 6, 2001
I picked this disc up at Blockbuster over the weekend and watched it last nite.

My first impression of the movie is that its almost "Memento" for horror. This movie also gave me a headache watching it.

Being the 6th film in the series, I didn't have my hopes too high for this movie. As I watched this film, it just seemed to keep going and going and going. There was really no substance to the story until you get towards the end.

What really irked me was the very end of the movie:

When Pinhead is finally confronting Kirsty and he explains that he has been wanting her soul since she opened the box. He created this plan through her husband to attain her soul.

Personally I really liked that idea. But,

When Kirsty comes up with the deal to give him 5 souls for exchange for her's, I almost laughed. I didn't even believe the actress that played Kirsty could believe she said it. I couldn't believe that if Pinhead had been wanting her soul and just her soul, he would give it up for 5 other souls. It was a weak turn of events for this movie.

Being a fan of this series, I was disappointed with the way it turned out. It also looks like Doug Bradley has gained a few pounds, he looks very uncomfortable in the Pinhead costume.



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May 20, 1999
After the crap that was Bloodline & Inferno, I had vowed not to purchase anymore sequels from the Hellraiser line, but the prospect of Kirsty returning was too much for me to pass up. After watching it I have now reinstated my vow. What crap!

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