hello just looking for some basic info optical/s video/ component

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    I have just bought the following..
    denon 2802
    nht sb2 ( 2 sets)
    and NHT sc1 center channel.
    through this receiver im running a XBOX with the advances av pack ( has optical output and s video)
    and a rca satellite receiver. also has them both ... they also have regular RCA connections..
    now to my questions.
    the 2802 has categorized inputs ( VCR VCR2 dvd etc..) and next to them it has the rca inputs and s video input . the unit also has 3 optical inputs but they are not located near the dedicated inputs ( vcr , vcr1 dvd etc..)
    with the receiver just know what to play for sound if i use the optical inputs and s video outputs? what i mean is.. if i leave the xbox on and the satellite will the audio mix and if so can that damage the receiver ( im guessing no ) and if i use optical in to the receiver will i have to run optical and s video out to the monitor ( gateway 42 inch plasma) ?
    hope i didn't confuse you as much as i confused my self [​IMG]
    also.. i played the movie Matrix through the xbox and turned on Dolby in the xbox menu.. but the receiver didn't flash Dolby or anything but analog . im using all rca inputs and outoputs right now.. is this the reason im not getting the receiver to play Dolby.. ?
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    whoa...you got a lot of stuff going on here. lemme give this a stab.
    your receiver will "know" what to play depending on which input you choose. i'm not familiar with the denon, but in most receivers you have to "assign" the optical inputs. that receiver should be able to accept any input and convert that to s-video. that's pretty common now.
    damaging a receiver is pretty hard to do. usually you either get sound or you don't. just don't plug anything into the phono input (except a turntable) and you should be safe.
    be sure to read your manual.
    regarding the xbox, i'm not familiar with that either, but i'm going to guess that you must use the optical output to get any dolby digital signal. afaik, you can't get a digital signal via a normal rca output.
    you may want to post a question about the xbox in the video game hardware forum.

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