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Hello everyone and pre-out to sub SR7200 (1 Viewer)


Apr 29, 2003
Hi to all, this is my first post on this humongously informative forum. SO much information!

My background is in car audio, but having battled that for some years I've concluded cars just arent that platform to have a successful system :)

Anyways, that leaves me with plenty of knowledge I can apply to HT and music in the home.

My question? I've done various searches in here but havent found a definitive answer.

I have an SR7200 (showroom unit from the Marantz distributor in Aussie so I can be reasonably sure there is nothing wrong with it). And I'm getting frustrated at no sub output in source direct (music is my passion, HT comes a close second). So I've read of people either doing or desiring to feed pre-out L/R fronts to the sub in this mode to the sub to feed it.

BUT I have only a single mono input on the sub. Can I use a Y adapter for this or not? I've read warnings on here not to, yet I SEEM to have read of people who have done it.

Is it correct to do so or not?

I'm thinking of installing a not so ideal but highly practical switch to change the feed as I desire to have the sub on in source-direct and alternatively to allow the BM to take over for movies and other inputs.

All help appreciated :)

PS I'd just like to add my frustration at the Marantz manual. Source direct lists specifically speaker sizes are forced to large and SW is on in one section, and that front L/R is full range and SW is on in another. What is DOESNT spell out is the SW gets no output, full range or otherwise


Second Unit
Nov 20, 2001
From what I have read, you can use a Y adapter, and it will actually give you a few db of gain when you do. However, make sure that you blend your front speakers correctly. In source direct, your speakers will be Large, so you should find out how low your front L/R speakers go and set your sub's cross-over to that number. I used to have a similar setup for my SR7000 and I set my sub xover to 50Hz for source direct music. The probelm was that I had enable the xover bypass whenever I wanted to watch a movie in DD or DTS. Kind of a pain, but SD is well worth it for the 7x00 line and lower.


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