Hello Dolly (1969)

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    T R Wilkinson
    das what I'm talkin BOUT!
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    Gee, it sure would be nice to watch this movie. I've been to two Targets, two Best Buys and a Fry's. No Hello Dolly. I would like to point out to the fine, high-paid buyers at all these stores that they are missing out on my money, reducing sales in their stores, underestimating the market, and they should all give it up, and look for work in the wonderful world of sidewalk churro cart vending.
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    Haven't been following this thread, so pardon me if I'm asking questions from earlier.

    Have they fixed the sound? I found the original DVD unwatchable because whenever they switched from dialogue to a musical number it was awful. Not sure what the technical term was, but the musical numbers had a completely different sound quality, something was missing. It was so noticeable that I just gave up after a while and it has sat on a shelf gathering dust for years now.
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    Mark Probst
    Well of course the sound is a huge improvement over the DVD which was notorious for its muffled soundtrack, however I have a feeling that you are talking about something completely different that plagues a lot of musicals from that era, where the dialog is inferior because it was picked up with boom mics and the singing is much clearer because it was recorded in a studio. Yes it has always been noticeable when it switches back and forth, as it should be.
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    Doug Bull
    While the sound on this blu-ray is a definite improvement over the disappointing DVD, I personally think that the old Laserdisc still sounds better.
    To my ears the laserdisc, while only 2 channels, is crisper, plus it has a nice balanced mix.

    Eg. Some of my favourite music underscoring during Streisand's "Before The Parade Passes By" monologue in the park is sadly presented way too low on the blu-ray's English track.
    It's a scene where the background music plays a very important role.
    Listen to the blu-ray's Deutsch DTS 2 channel track during this scene. The balance is much better.

    To my ears the Deutsch track, while carrying some distortion, still sounds crisper than the more expansive, pretty much distortion free, English track.

    After all that and making allowances for my personal observations, Dolly on blu-ray still sounds spectacular and is definitely a lot better than the DVD.

    In reference to Mark-P,
    I'm almost certain that I read here several years ago that a large portion of outdoor dialogue during this period (or at least just prior) was post sync (looped) in the studio.
    It certainly surprised me at the time, I'm sure somebody else can elaborate.

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    I saw the 70mm DTS on the Cinerama screen at Bradford
    on saturday i had a seat in the middle of the first row.
    It looked fantastic and the DTS SV sounded as good as
    the original 6 track magnetic, the Pictureville is such a
    lovely cinema.
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    Watching "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" again recently, I discovered something really fun that I'd never noticed before. One of the women is wearing Judy Garland's powder blue gown from "The Harvey Girls" that she wore during the Atchison Topeka number. You can see her as the train is pulling in, to the right of Streisand as she sings the line, "Ermengarde keep smiling, no man wants a little ninny.." (She's the lady holding up the light yellow umbrella, chatting with lady with the blue umbrella.)

    What a great tribute to Judy and the classic MGM musical! For those of you familiar with The Harvey Girls, you'll really enjoy seeing this clever inclusion in Hello Dolly. After all these years of watching Dolly, it was quite a surprise and thrill to discover this, thanks to this great HD presentation!
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