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Dec 22, 2004
Hi guys, I really need your help. First let me list what I have:

Panasonic PT-53X54J HDTV with HDMI interface and BBE High definition sound.
Samsung DVD-V4600 DVD/VHS Dual Deck
Hughes HIRD-D1 Silver Edition DirectTV reciever which only has RCA(composite), coaxial, and S-Video outputs

I have the DTV receiver connected to the TV by RCA(composite) wires, and connected to the DVD player by coaxial. I then have the DVD connected to the TV using component cables. This leads to numerous questions.

1) Using ONLY the equipment I currently have, how can I change my connections to maximize my TV's potential? Should I connect the DTV receiver to the TV using S-Video? If so, how would I transmit audio?

2) The TV has PIP, but I can only watch a DVD and TV or play playstation and watch TV simultaneously. Although I have to input(ed) feeds to the Tv, I can only watch the same channel on split screen. On my old VCR, I was able to program my DTV channels directly onto the VCR and watch DTV using the VCR's programmed channels. I figured if I did this with my DVD/VCR, I'd be able to split the screen, and tune one side using directtv, and tune the other side using DVD/VCR. I have not been able to program the channels into the DVD/VCR. Any suggestions on how to do so? Or is there any other way I can watch different channels without getting an additional DirecTV receiver?

3)I've been a DirecTV customer for 7 years and have been thinking of switching to Dish. The available satellite HDTV programming seems to be pretty lackluster. Is the $400 for the receiver and $10 bucks a month worth it? I've also been thinking of getting a free-to-air receiver as an alternative, any thoughts on that?

4) Lastly, this is probably a dumb question but is it possible to use my current DTV receiver in conjunction with a separate HDTV receiver?

Thanx for all your help in advance, I'm sure I will have more questions later :)


Second Unit
Jul 26, 2004
This is waaay tooooooo complicated!!!!!!!!
Just give us the Reader's Digest condensed version.
What are you looking to do???
I mean, as succintly as possible.....

Glenn Overholt

Senior HTF Member
Mar 24, 1999
I think Simi is trying to say that you went into too much detail, but let me start.

1. S-Video is better than composite (the yellow wire). The other two wires that are probably connected with the yellow one are for the left and right audio, so what you would do is to unplug the yellow wire from both ends and plug in the S-Video in its place.

2. I think you are missing something here. Every DTV signal needs a receiver (unless you have a receiver that has 2 separate tuners in it) I don't know if they exist. What you probably had before was either an OTA (antenna) or a CATV input to your DTV receiver along with your DTV input.

The PIP is only for the 'F' connectors on the back of your TV, and they are usually limited to the first imput. If you had a CATV input into your TV, you could use the 'F' coax out on your DTV and send that to your PIP input on your TV. That would work.

3. I can't help you.
4. I think that if you sent your HDTV output into your DTV in, you would lose the picture quality. That should go dirct to either your TV or receiver.


Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
Corpus Christi, TX
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Glen is right, one of the PIP sources will be what’s coming in on the TV’s antenna connection, the other one of the line inputs.
You’ll have better luck with this if you post a question at our Audio/Video Sources Forum

Wayne A. Pflughaupt


Dec 22, 2004
Thanx for all your help!

I guess since I spent $2000 for the TV, I might as well shell out the extra $400 for the DTV HD receiver.

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