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    I'm in the process of ordering materials for some DIY interconnects. I have my eye on some 3:1 heatshrink and I have some questions. Does the heatshrink shrink lengthwise as well?? I know that the diameter will shrink to fit the diameter of the cable but will it get shorter as well?? What's a good length to use??
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    Hi Ari, and welcome to the wonderful world of DIY interconnects. To answer your question, the tubing does not noticeably shrink in the lengthwise direction. I ordered my 3:1 tubing from PartsExpress (I think a lot of folks here use the same stuff) It's great because you don't need a really high temperature heat gun to shrink it - a hair dryer works just fine. It comes in 6" lengths (12 mm diameter for individual cables), and I usually cut it into thirds (2") for the ends of my interconnects - though some folks might prefer a slightly longer or shorter look. Hope that helps. Good luck with your project.


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