Heat level of a DVD when removed from a player?

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  1. Jason Hughes

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    Jason Hughes
    Hello all. As some of you may know, I have some concerns about RSDL discs that used to work, but do not work any more. All of my DVDs are very well cared for, never loan, removed from the hub very carefully, always clean, etc.
    I have had a number of discs go bad that used to work, with Gladiator being the most recent. My guess is that the layers are slowly seperating.
    I have noticed that most DVDs seem to be rather warm (but not hot) when I remove them from my player. I have the Sony DVP-S3000. Could this be melting the glue that holds the layers together?
    I'm just wondering how other peoples discs feel when they remove them from whatever kind of player they have.
  2. Eric Huffstutler

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    Eric Huffstutler
    Since I have only watched most of my 200+ DVD's only once, I haven't had this problem.
    I did bring up the issue with WAMO some time ago and they stressed that they currently run various tests on DVD's including subjecting it to extreme heat. They wouldn't specify the term "extreme" as they weren't even supposed to be talking about this issue with me... but they all but assured me that the heat from a player will NOT cause separation.
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    I also have a Sony DVD player and have noticed some HOT discs... I have never had a problem with a disc though.
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