Heartbreakers: "Back In The USSR" scene

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    When I saw this in the theater I swear Segourney (sp?) Weaver sang the complete song. When I saw the DVD I shook my head when she only sang the first verse. Then I look at the deleted scenes and there it is! The complete uncut rendition.
    Am I crazy or didn't the complete scene appear on the theatrical release? If that is the case why, oh why, do they do this to us. Do they think their products (movies) are so sh**ty that we consider it disposable and we will not ever remember the experience?
    Someone please set me straight.
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    I doubt it was from the studios thinking you wouldn't notice. More than likely, it was a post edit by the director who might have felt that the whole song wasn't necessary. Just the one verse would have been sufficient to get the joke across about her choice of song as she faked her Russian heritage. I agree with that. Having the whole song was a nice extra, but, filmwise, it added an unnecessary couple of minutes and was wisely cut.
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