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Sep 2, 2006
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I just upgraded my 5.1 setup, and am now gathering information to upgrade to a bigger/better HDTV when I move to my new house in 6 months. Unfortunately, thus far the info is getting me very confused, and searching for answers is just making it worse. Could some kind soul please help?

HDTV's under consideration right now: Sony KDS-R60XBR1, Samsung HLS6188, Toshiba 62MX196. (I may consider others eventually, but my budget allows only a max of $3k to $3.5k)

Expected use: DirectTV - which I know nothing about, and upconverted DVD viewing. (I can't upconvert now - my current RPTV has no HDMI input. Upconverting importance: with 440 DVD's in my library, I will not abandon them for HD DVD - no matter how good the picture is!)

1. DVI, HDMI, DVI/HDMI, etc. I understand HDMI. It's a type of input connection like component. But what the heck is DVI, and how is it related to HDMI? This really confuses me!

2. How does DirectTV connect to a HDTV for the highest detail? HDMI? Component? DVI?

3. Do the HDTV's at this price level do any upconverting, or would all of that be done by an upconverting DVD player?

4. SD. If a HDTV has a not-so-good SD picture as I've read that some do, why would anybody buy it? It doesn't make sense to me - unless the HDTV upconverts everything to 720p and better.

5. Some HDTV's have multiple HDMI inputs, some have only one. Why would someone need more than one HDMI input on their HDTV? I have a brand new Yamaha RX-V559 receiver, so I'm not about to buy another one to help merge multiple HDMI connections into one. Is there any other device that does this?

Many thanks for your help with this!

Jeff Gatie

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Aug 19, 2002
I think you answered your own question. More HDMI inputs means more flexibility for the future. As HDMI becomes the standard, your current capabilities of your receiver/TV may outgrow the HDMI sources you aquire. More HDMI ins means more sources for the future, without having to buy a cumbersome switchbox.

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