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    My local CBS station is funny in kinda a sad way.
    They started to advertise they had gone "DT" but were
    neglecting to tell anyone the station numbers for the
    "DT" broadcast in the commercials (this started back in
    So I called them up and asked, "what station number!!?"
    The answer I got was, "were not doing DT! It will be many
    years before we will offer it."
    I asked, "then why are you currently running a commercial
    that has WBOC-DT on it?"
    Voice on phone, "we are?" [[I'm thinking, phone answer
    person with no knowledge]] "Hold on." [[A few minutes
    of waiting.]] "Yes, we started broadcasting in DT in
    I asked, "What station?"
    They answered, "Oh! The same channel as before!" [[ I
    realized they meant, the same CBS station and content not
    the station number]]..
    I asked, "no, what UHF station number do I tune too to
    recieve the broadcast?"
    Voice on phone, [pause] "I don't know."
    I said, thanks anyway and decided to eMail a technician
    at the station.
    It took about a week, but a technician finally answered
    my eMail with all the correct information.
    The DT broadcast station number (WBOC-DT channel 21). BUT,
    I also learned that the broadcast is only a 480i digital
    rebroadcast of the analog station and they are indeed
    quite awhile away from "allowing" [their word not mine,
    I'm still trying to decide what that meant] HDTV CBS
    broadcast feed.
    BUT, happily... I don't know if I had anything to do with
    it, but about 2 days after the eMail exchanges my local
    station now HAS the station number in their advertisments.
    Fun fun fun on the lower eastern shore of MD.
    Dr. Joseph Howard
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    if you could do what you imagine."
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    Sep 10, 1997
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    Since WBOC is owned by Draper Communications, have you check out Draper to see if they perhaps might have an anti-HDTV agenda?
    Turn off the TV and read these books those in power DON'T want you to read...

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