HDTV (Samsung LN32A330) widescreen issues

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by tjcinnamon, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I am super satisfied with the picture on this TV. It is my first HDTV so I am still getting used to the bars on the side and top depending on the resolution.

    What I have found untenable is when I am watching a widescreen movie through HDMI on my upconvert DVD player.

    I was watching Vantage Point (a new and horrible movie). There was the letterbox in the DVD as well as letterbox on my TV. This resulted in a narrow rectangle of viewing screen.

    Seriously, 50% of the screen was letterboxed . I tried using the zoom on my DVD player but then I lost a good portion of the screen and couldn't read subtitles or text on the periphery.

    Does anyone have a solution for watching a widescreen movie so it's not a small rectangle?

    JOe K.
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    It sounds like you never changed your DVD player from 4:3 mode (for your old TV) to 16:9 mode for the new one. Then, you set the TV the "full" mode, which may have a different name.
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    If the picture and the subtitles below it together occupy a space taller than 16:9 then there is no official way to zoom the picture. There are three standard settings on the TV, regular 4:3 to use all of a non-16:9 enhanced (non-anamorphic) show, "zoom" to expand the inner 360 scan lines putting 60 above and 60 below the screen boundaries, and full 16:9 to use all of the picture but stretch it sideways only to fill a 16:9 screen. The last one is used only for anamorphic shows.

    For 16:9 TV sets use the 16:9 setting on the DVD player.

    A few TV sets or DVD players may have continuously adjustable zoom to expand the picture just a little and accomplish a little of what you want.

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