HDTV - RP or FP?

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    Can anyone advise me which system should I choose? I have had Sharp front projector for about 10 years but it has been gone bad.

    My basement door opening would not allow me to get rear projection TV. So I am considering HD front projection system but I don't know why front projection system is not very popular. Is it because of performance or money?

    I have seen that some of RP HDTV already hits ~$2,000 mark, so does front projector. Are those front projectors not to be compared to RP system in terms of performance?

    It will be real pain to move my HT system to upstairs if I have to get RP....

    Thanks in advance for your advise!
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    I use a SONY VW10HT front projector for my HDTV viewing and the picture is astounding in this mode. I understand this model can now be had for around ~$4000 (it's been superceded by the 11HT). It was made for HDTV (not all FP systems are).

    BTW, check out the review of the 11HT by Bill Cushman in the latest issue of Widescreen Review for his comments on HDTV and the Sony. That should tell you something about HDTV and FP. I'm in total agreement with him.

    I had my 10HT for over a year before, thanks to urging by Bill, I installed my HDTV Dish network. Now that I can "see" what he was raving about I understand where he's coming from.
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    The primary reason to go with FPTV is to get a picture bigger than what RPTV can give.
    A close second is the size and weight of the equipment.
    FPTV is not too popular because not too many people need the picture size and they also don't want to darken the room, that is other family members want to do other things while some members are watching TV.
    Some people think that FPTV needs more calibration, but RPTV needs just as much.
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