HDTV Recorder?

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    Just came across this link, and was really curious as to what everone though of it... looks interesting, but I really don't know if it'd work or not.... and am very curious as to if it'd work or no.
    HD Recorder
    The HDVR-100 is a High Definition TV Video Recorder that is used with the RCA DTC100 HDTV set top box. It is an add-in product for the DTC100. The HDVR-100 allows the DTC100 to use DV Firewire compatible tape machines and camcorders to record and playback H/DTV; Patent Pending. Both HDTV and SDTV can be recorded and played back. Even though consumer DV decks and camcorders do not ordinarily record and playback digital High Definition video, the ingenuity of 169Time's product allows these decks and camcorders to achieve this new purpose.
    In addition to support of HDTV with DV equipment, the HDVR-100 can also be configured with options to support the PV-HD1000 HDTV DVHS VCR for both recording and playback. This makes a DTC-100 equiped with our product the most versatile device for consumer timeshifting and archiving of HDTV
    Thanks to Slashdot for the news....
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    Chris S
    This is a functional product and there have been a lot of reports from the beta testers that say that it really does work. This is really encouraging news considering the pressure from the MPAA on not allowing people to time shift HD content. I believe that 169time is all so looking at making one of these for the Dish 6000, but there hasn't been a commitment to doing so yet. Thanks, Chris
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    There are a few different ways to record HDTV at this time.
    One is to use the 169time modification for the RCA DTC-100, which acts as the DTV tuner, and a DV recorder or the Panasonic PV-HD1000 DVHS VCR. This works for your local DTV/HDTV stations and will soon have an option to also record the two DirecTV HDTV stations, HBO & the demo loop/PPV movie channel. http://www.oro.net/~hdtv/index.html#...inder%20Output
    Here's another way to record HDTV. The original intended use of the PV-HD1000 was to record with the Panasonic TU-DST50 or 51 DTV tuner. The tuner receives your local DTV/HDTV stations and sends the digital signal to the PV-HD1000 for recording (or visa-versa for playback).
    You can also record the four Dish Network HDTV channels, HBO, Showtime, 24 hr. PPV movies & demo loop, by using a Dish model 5000 with HD Modulator. Two PV-HD1000's connected by FireWire (IEEE 1394) can make perfect digital copies of your DTV or HDTV recordings. This equipment was discontinued by Panasonic & Dish Network, most likely due to pressure from the MPAA & their fears about illegal use of program material (bootlegging). There is a user forum for these products on egroups.
    The last option is to use the HiPix PC card DTV tuner. It receives the signal and records it on the PC hard drive. The drawbacks here are the size limit of your hard drive & the other two ways let you archive on tape, if you want to. http://www.telemann.com/index.html
    The reason I bring all this up, is that I have a brand new Panasonic HDTV recording system and Dish 5000 w/HD Modulator for sale, listed in the classified section at the following link:

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