HDTV receiver and TiVo integration

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    The good news is that I haven't bought any hardware yet. The bad news is that I can't seem to find an HDTV/Directv receiver that integrates well with TiVo. It's my understanding that a Directv receiver can be used in conjuction with a stand-alone TiVo unit. I have aslo been told that there are 2 types of connections possible from the TiVo unit to the receiver for controling the reciever; 1)IR, 2) direct serial cable. Of the two, direct serial cable is suppose to be much better in performance, i.e. faster channel changing. While I have been able to find Directv receivers that allow for direct serial input from TiVo, I have not been able to find an HDTV/Directv receiver that has serial cable input.

    A little venting.....It amazes me (but probably not most of you) that companies who make both HDTV receivers and DVRs, do not seemlessly integrated their two products. Afterall, isn't the person willing to shell out $500+ for an HDTV reciever also the same type of consumer most likely to be interested in DVR. Okay, I can understand (maybe) that they do not make a combined HDTV/DVR unit, but they should at least make their separate units work well together. COME ON!!

    And the question is....Is anyone out there aware of an HDTV receiver that can be connected via a direct serial interface to TiVo?

    And the answer isn't...Buy a combined Directv/Tivo unit and switch back and forth between HDTV and TiVo.

    And I know that....TiVo does not record in HDTV. I would use the composite connection from the HDTV receiver to TiVo.

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    You mainly just need a HD receiver that will output everything via the NTSC and ATSC outputs at the same time. The Hughes E86 (Toshiba, Sony and something else?) receivers will NOT work. They must be swtiched. Look at the Panasonic and DTC-100. Also, a lot won't convert OTA ATSC down to the NTSC outputs. So, that's just one more problem for you to worry about, I'm afraid...

    So, that completely eliminates some. Yes, it annoys me quite a bit, as well. There's always the option of getting a seperate DirecTivo unit, but then there's the annoyance of the extra monthly fee...
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