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Ryan Stone

Apr 8, 2002
I recently purchased a HDTV and it is going to be delivered in a week. The TV requires a HD reciver. If i dont have this reciver can i still watch DVDs in HD??? Are these recivers for watching tv chanels in HD or are they for everything???

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi Ryan.

Well first, Progressive Scan DVD players will put out something called 480p. You need one of these players to take advantage of the "p" - progressive scan.

While 480P IS considered High Def, the external box can give you picture that is 720p and 1080p or 1080i - much more information & better picture.

The external box is called a "STB" or "Set Top Box", yeah - dumb name. But it's job is to let you put up an antenna and get over the air HD signals (assuming you are near a broadcast antenna with HD).

The other option is a DishNetwork or DirectTV HD receiver which will feed you some preimum programs in HD. But these each come with service commitments/subscriptions.

Hope this helps.

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
Your HDTV out of the box will receive regular broadcasts and (with a regular cable box) regular cable in regular (standard) definition. While not all areas of the U.S. have HDTV receivable over the air by set top boxes, you do need "an HDTV" to take advantage of progressive scan DVD players.
Really, they should call HDTV sets without HDTV tuners "HDTV ready sets".
Almost all of today's HDTV models display regular video including from your VCR as 480p. This gives a smoother although not more detailed picture than regular TV sets. The de-interlacer (doubler) in the TV that synthesizes 480p from a regular DVD player video input is on average getting better these days so you usually don't need an external module such as an iScan.
Currently 1080p only exists when it is synthesized within your TV set from 1080i source material. I don't know of any models that do it.
Video hints:


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May 7, 2001
Just to clarify all this...
(edited the table)
Format nameHow to get itEquipment needed, in addition to HD monitor *High Definition
ATSC formats1080i , 720pSatelliteHigh-Def satellite receiver (HD STB) + HD dishOver the airHigh-Def satellite/terrestrial receiver (HD STB + OTA) + UHF antennaD-VHSD-VHS Digital VCR (rare)Digital cable (rare)Digital cable receiver provided by cable co.Standard Definition
ATSC formats480p, 540p, othersDVDProgressive scan DVD playerSatelliteHigh-Def satellite receiver (HD STB)Over the airStandard Definition
NTSC Analog formats480iRegular/digital cablenone/cable boxRegular analog OTA signalanalog antennaRegular satelliteanalog satellite receiver (STB)VHSany old VCRDVDDVD player* note: Integrated HDTVs will have the High-Def satellite/terrestrial tuners built-in, with either analog or digital inputs

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