HDTV Purchasing Dilema = 25% off at K-Mart

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    I was pretty much set on buying the Toshiba 50HX81 when I can get my hands on one but I just received a 25% off coupon from K-Mart!
    I moved into the area I'm in a couple years ago and the "Welcome Wagon" sent me a mess of coupons; one was from KMart worth 25% off. I used it on a fairly expensive purchase and they recently sent me another coupon.
    If K-Mart sold Toshiba's I'd be there in a heartbeat but the only brand name HDTV they sell, to my knowledge, are Panasonic's. So I could get 25% off a 47" Panny or forget the coupon and buy the Tosh. Opinions?
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    Just last week I watched a new Panny 47" get ISFed. It looked every bit as good as a calibrated Tosh. The Panny owner got his for $1700 with taxes included by having Sears do a price match. So, if you can get it for the same at Kmart GO FOR IT!!!
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