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HDTV/Projector Cable questions (1 Viewer)


May 13, 2004
Hi all,

I've got a BenQ PB6200 (XGA) that I'm about to mount on my ceiling, with an approximate 12' throw to the wall. This projector does not have component video inputs (which I knew when I bought it); rather, it has an HD-15 VGA input which will pass component video signal.

So, one end of the cable structure has to have HD-15/VGA.

The other end will plug into my DVD player, which DOES have component video out.

Now, in order to hide the cables properly (i.e in the ceiling and walls), my cable run is going to be close to 35' long.

Here's my question: Which type of cable arrangement will give me the best signal with the least loss?
1) A 35' VGA cable that has three RCA component connects at the end.
2) A 12" VGA to RCA breakout cable (essentially the same thing as the long VGA cable above) connected to a 35' component video cable.
3) A 12" VGA to BNC breakout cable, connected to a 35' long component video cable with BNC connectors, connected to a an RCA adapter (so it can plug into the DVD unit). I think this one is less feasible than the others.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Chad B

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 5, 2001
Hi Cameron,

I'll share what I have learned from similar situations.
I use a 16' VGA to 3 RCA Bettercables Silver Serpent cable for my calibrations, with outstanding results. A 35' run of this cable would probably perform admirably for you.
Also, I just installed an XGA projector in a church. The system came with 2 100 foot lengths of very high quality VGA cable. Unfortunately, the VGA splitter that came with the system is actively buffered but not amplified or equalized, so it made no difference in the image quality. I hooked up my laptop, on which I have many video test patterns, through the 200' (both 100' cables joined together by a passive switchbox). It looked fine. No loss of resolution, even down to the pixel, but there was a faint shadow to the right of all images. Some people wouldn't even notice. I got a 10' and 25' VGA cable from a computer store and joined them to the existing 200' to see just how long we could go before it became unacceptable. The last 2 cables were thinner than the original cable. The resulting image was horrible, at least 10 times worse! The 35 feet of cheap cable did SO much more damage to the signal than the 200' of good cable.
I think option number 1, the 35' VGA to 3 RCA cable, would be best as long as it is a high quality cable.


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