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    Hi all,

    I've got a BenQ PB6200 (XGA) that I'm about to mount on my ceiling, with an approximate 12' throw to the wall. This projector does not have component video inputs (which I knew when I bought it); rather, it has an HD-15 VGA input which will pass component video signal.

    So, one end of the cable structure has to have HD-15/VGA.

    The other end will plug into my DVD player, which DOES have component video out.

    Now, in order to hide the cables properly (i.e in the ceiling and walls), my cable run is going to be close to 35' long.

    Here's my question: Which type of cable arrangement will give me the best signal with the least loss?
    1) A 35' VGA cable that has three RCA component connects at the end.
    2) A 12" VGA to RCA breakout cable (essentially the same thing as the long VGA cable above) connected to a 35' component video cable.
    3) A 12" VGA to BNC breakout cable, connected to a 35' long component video cable with BNC connectors on one end, and RCA on the other(so it can plug into the DVD unit).

    Any help would be much appreciated!
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    I would recomend the "long VGA cable" and add a simple "breakout" cable at the DVD player. The reason for this is COST, you can easly and cheaply buy a 35' VGA cable (i have a $20 VGA cable for my projector/HTPC) to run your projector. Option #2 & #3 are much more expensive since component lenghts that long tend to be expensive. Plus if you ever plan on going the HTPC route, everything is ready to go. IMHO, running a PC at 1:1 pixel mapping with the projector (at 1:1 it bypasses the projector scaler, which can be cheap and crummy) will give some of the best results. I run a Sanyo PLV-Z1 at 1:1 and I LOVE it for DVDs!!!


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