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    Just curious. I was at a job site recently and the customer had an RCA widescreen HDTV (CRT) with built in sat receiver. The customer wasnt home so I wasn't able to ask him (second home) but the set made an awful constant hissing noise. Anyone else have similar problems?
    Sidebar: It was a shame to see this set armed with only a VCR and an external sat receiver where best video connection used was compsite [​IMG]
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    That set has a built-in DirecTV/OTA digital tuner as well as an analog tuner. The hissing noise was the cooling fan for the DirecTV receiver, which runs even when the set is turned off.

    The set-top Sat receiver was probably only there to feed the vcr, as the set has one built in. As yet, dvd recorders still cost upwards of $1000, so a vcr is still a much cheaper option for recording ntsc stuff off a satellite dish. It would be a shame not to have a dvd PLAYER attached to that set, though.

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