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    Hey all,
    I'm in the market for a 16:9 set and was wondering if there were any good faq's or sites out there that would answer most or all of the basic questions regarding purchasing one. Questions i have are things like:
    What will a non-anomorphic dvd look like on it?
    What will a regular t.v. broadcast look like?
    What's the best set out there right now? (ratings, reviews, etc.)
    Do i need a progressive-scan dvd player?
    and so on...thanks in advance for your help
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    I'm not sure if there is a site out there that will answer all of those specific questions, but maybe a few of these will help.
    http://www.avsforum.com – A Home Theater Forum that has an excellent HDTV Hardware, Programming and Recording sections
    http://www.hdtvgalaxy.com/ - great place to find out what is televised in HDTV, good general information
    http://www.titantv.com/ - great place to find local DTV channels available in your area as well as great help for selecting an antenna
    http://hdtvinsider.com/ - HDTV newsletter which appears in The Perfect Vision Magazine
    http://www.copperbox.com/ - HDTV STB
    http://www.howstuffworks.com/hdtv.htm - how it works, good overview, great links
    http://www.cnet.com/electronics/0-3622-7-2643589.html - Consumer Reports--HDTV Guide
    http://home.cnet.com/electronics/0-3...4926010-1.html – CNET’s HDTV explained article
    http://www.wral.com/digital/info/faq.html - good FAQ, nice site that demonstrates that there's a good amount of HD content out there right now on CBS
    http://www.princeton.edu/~conorneu/hdtv/hdtv.html - good site from a college student project. Not the most current but covers the basics well. Good introductory content
    http://www.ptvdigital.org/ - public television DTV web site
    http://www.pbs.org/opb/crashcourse/ - simple overview of HDTV
    http://www.hdtvbuyer.com/Htm/HomeSet4.htm - video professional site, good pro perspective, news, links, etc
    http://www.hdpictures.com/ - HDTV info center (on of the best resource sites)
    http://www.teleport.com/~samc/hdtv/ - Sam’s Digital Television Report
    http://www.twice.com/DTVcharts/1080mon.html – loads of info on most HDTV monitors currently on the market
    http://home.earthlink.net/~greenevideo/index.html - HDTV production house out of Arlington, TX
    http://dtv720p.com/ - programming info for ABC HDTV broadcast
    http://www.widescreen.org/ - The Letterbox/Widescreen (and Open DVD) Advocacy Page
    http://www.mgm.com/mgmhv/letterbox/ - Letterboxing
    http://www.dtvmax.com/ - DTV and HDTV news site
    http://www.dtvmax.com/dtv.htm - good newsletter site
    http://www.ee.washington.edu/consele.../ntsc/95x4.htm - Explains our current TV standard (NTCS)
    http://www.ee.washington.edu/consele.../hdtv/95x5.htm - Explains our new TV standard (ATSC) HDTV; but some of the info is outdated - history of HDTV
    http://www.interfacers.com/CurrentEv...uirements.html - HDTV Advocate
    http://www.cbs.com/hdtv – HDTV schedule for CBS
    http://www.novia.net/~ereitan/index.html - history of color TV, good for perspective on introducing new TV standards in the US market
    http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/SoundAn dVision/FrameSet/0,1670,_sl_SoundAndVision_sl_Article_sl_0_cm_1653_ cm_149_2085_1_cm_00,00.html - Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno HDTV article
    http://www.bettercables.com/mvawdvd.htm - good review of aspect ratios - good collection of links, including links to stations now on the air with HDTV, good source for interview quotes from the station perspective.
    http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Archives...11-002672.html – info on how to record HDTV
    http://www.dtvisions.com/ - dtv consulting, hdtv production, digital media
    http://pub1.ezboard.com/bdigitaltelevisionhdtvforum – DTV Internet board
    http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/index.htm – HDTV tips site
    http://www.antennaweb.org – OTA (off the air) antenna help
    http://socpsych.lacollege.edu/hdtv.html - HECHT's HDTV (HD related links) - production news, including the first film to be fully shot on 24fps
    HDTV; good material on what's being produced on HD, implication is we can't watch it if it isn't created/produced first.
    http://socpsych.lacollege.edu/hdtv.html – HDTV site index
    http://www.hdtv.org/dtv/glossary.html - sparse glossary
    http://www.hdfest.com - the world's only high-definition film festival
    http://www.henninger.com/library/hdtvfilm/ - good overview of resolutions & conversions; resolution charts
    http://www.atsc.org/ - the people who set the standard
    http://gehon.ir.miami.edu/com/classes/cbr535/hdtv.htm - good links; very good collection of links to pertinent HDTV documents
    http://www.channel4000.com/partners/tv/hometown/partners-tv-hometown-19991126-195042. html - basic FAQ from WCCO Minneapolis
    http://tvschedules.about.com/tvradio/tvschedules/gi/dy namic/offsite.htm?site=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fcc.gov%2Foet%2F faqs%2Fdtv faqs.html - FCC FAQ page, a little technical for the layman, but pretty informative
    http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/index.htm - Keohi HDTV
    http://www.digitaltelevision.com - good collection of info, good archive on CODFM vs. 8VSB
    http://www.hdvision.com – one of the worlds leading HDTV production house based in Irving, Texas
    http://www.digitaltelevision.com/dtvbook/glossary.shtml - full glossary
    http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum11/HTML/010112.html – AVS Forum Topic: DFAST and the restriction on HDTV
    http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum11/HTML/010315.html - AVS Forum Topic: What can WE do about DFAST/5C/DVI/HDCP?
    http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Forum11/HTML/011433.html - AVS Forum Topic: The Real Story on DVI/HDCP, 5C/DTCP and CGMS
    http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/Archives...1-010627.html– AVS Forum Topic: Class Action Suit
    http://www.highdef.org/ - HD production news and info
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  3. Matthew_S

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    Wow!! Thanks, that'll keep me busy for awhile!
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    [​IMG] Some of the links are dead. Other then that, great list, Thank You. [​IMG]

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