HDTV Interface Fiasco

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    Does anyone know the situation with the new connection interface on HDTV'S? I have heard rumors that many HDTV"s will become obsolete if the new standard is adopted. Is this true? I hate to think I spent $3000 for something that will be obsolete. I heard the new connection would be DVI or IEEE1394 interface. What does this mean for my Panasonic wxf95? Anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
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    There is a LOT of discussion of this over at AVSForums.
    Basically if all of the anti-piracy concerns of programming providers is implemented:
    No unecrypted/non-controlled HDTV signal with a resolution greater than 480p to 540p is to be allowed. All interfaces to be done with FireWire (IEEE1394) with 5C content control for compressed signals and DVI with HDCP content control for uncompress signals.
    Analog outputs would be 'limited', like mentioned above.
    Most likely existing equipement would work as designed, but thr truly paranoid point out that existing HDTV Satellite boxes could be shut down, but plain OTA only boxes would be hard to change/update w/o your knowledge.
    So you would most likely be fine until your STB dies or you decide you want to record something.
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    There is no way in hell they will do this to OTA HDTV, as Congress would never allow such an abuse of the public airwaves. Only cable and satellite HDTV channels are at risk of being downrezed for current equipment.
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