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    Not sure if this is the right area to post this question, so I apologize in advance if it is not.

    Is there any way to turn all the wiring and/or pipe in your house into a giant antenna? If you can, how do you get a coax feed from this "antenna".

    Just a creative idea we came up with here at work. Is it valid or are way off base here?

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    I like creative, so here's a little about antennas. Anything can be an antenna if it's conductive. High enough frequency can turn a resistor lead into an antenna.
    I am in the Haight and can see the HD transmitting antennas from my house but I still cant pick them up indoors.
    Basically elements need to be a ratio of the frequency transmitted to be a decent antenna.
    Digital channel 2 is broadcasting at 725 Mega hertz
    1/ 725,000,000=Size in meters (dont have a calculator near)
    (It's been a while but I think that's right)

    Notice how antenna elements are different size, thats because of the range of frequency that's transmitted.
    On the digital channels it's all or nothing... no snow - blank.
    You can try but you are too far away from most of the antennas broadcasting, but maybe I am wrong.
    You need to attach the center lead of the coax somehow.
    Crimp a spade connection to it and some type of screwdown that'll hold it on and make contact.
    When I was a kid I would string copper wire from trees and use it for Shortwave radio. Go to RS and they might have some books that'll help you.
    If you want something cheap, find someone who has cable and still has and antenna on a roof.
    Most people want to get rid of them but dont wamt to deal with it.
    See if they will give it you if you take it down....it's a thought

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