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    I just bought the samsung TXM3097 WHF, which includes 3:2 pull down. I'm using my PS2 as main dvd device. I know that the PS2 does not has progressive scan. my question is:

    Is the 3:2 enough to get a HDTV like image with the PS2 or do I need a new DVD player with Progressive Scan? IF a switch to a new player, will the difference be noticiable??

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    I'm not sure about with the PS2 but I own the 34 inch Sony Trinitron Widescreen XBR HDTV and I have a new model Sony DVD player with Progressive scan (I believe it's DVP-NS17P). I have found that at least with my television's 3:2 Pulldown turned on (which is called Cinemotion on mine), the television's progressive scan is better than the DVD player's. If your television has 3:2 pulldown, then you don't need a DVD player with progressive scan, as the tv is able to do it itself. I just turn my player's progressive scan off and turn the tv's on.

    However, you should still get a DVD player with component out capabilities.

    On a side note, I saw an employee at my local Circuit City last night trying very hard to get his customers to buy a 200 dollar Sony Progressive Scan DVD player to go along with the tv they were buying (which was a 19 inch RCA with no component inputs). They had been looking at a 70 dollar player but he convinced them to get the progressive scan model by saying that "The picture will be much clearer with progressive scan on that set and component out works just as well if you put the normal composite cables into the player and have them running to the composite in on the television. Getting better picture with component inputs on a television is just a myth."

    When the employee left, I tried my best to educate the customers before they purchased the player (as they told the employee that they had no plans to ever buy an HDTV) but they just told me to mind my own business.

    Arghh, that employee was pretty evil eh?

    Let me know if any of my information was incorrect.
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    That CC employee was full of crap. A progressive DVD player outputting through an s-video or composite input behaves absolutely no differently than a non-progressive unit. That's not to say the $70 unit is a better buy... it's probably a piece of crap, but there's no reason to go progressive unless you have an HDTV. The thing with component cables being a myth is ridiculous... how backwards can a salesperson be? He sells a progressive DVD player, but then says that component cables are unnecessary. Sounds like he was about three lies deep and couldn't figure out a way to BS his way out.

    3:2 pulldown and progressive scan are not the same thing, but they are related. Generally, it's better to let the DVD player do both, as the better players will de-interlace the image and resequence the frames for 3:2 pulldown while the image info is still digital, rather than after it's converted to analog as the TV must do it. Doesn't always mean the DVD player has a better line-doubler or 3:2 circuit than the TV, but that's usually the case.

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