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    Tell me, if you have a HDTV with 3:2 Pull Dpwn Detection is it necessary to get a Progressive Scan DVD Player. I've read that most DVD Players on the market are not really true Progressive Scan. They say that the Progressive Scan DVD Players are just basically line doublers. If your HDTV has this feature what benefit is there to having a Progressive Scan DVD Player.
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    3:2 is important, but a P-scan DVD unit is still better than the TV.

    More resolution. The 480P output is usually cleaner and has more high frequency info than the 480i output.

    I don't care how good your TV linedoubler is because once the DVD player cuts a 540 line signal down to 500 lines, those missing 40 lines ain't never coming back.

  3. Dwight Amato

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    I cannot speak technically, only from personal experience. I used my Panny 47" for 2 weeks with a very good standard DVD player (Sony 570D) through component video. I was extremely happy with the performance.

    I then bought a progressive scan DVD player (Panny 56, but returned for JVC 65 because of it's ability to scale non enhanced dvd's. The difference is amazing! I love the progressive scan picture. I have shown several people the people running interlaced and then switched on the fly to progressive. Everyone agrees the progressive picture is by far superior. If you are spending $2K or more on a TV, the $220 additional is a no brainer in my book.

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