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    I mentioned the Hawaiian Tropic models in another thread. What I haven't mentioned is the interesting older stuff they will show from time to time. For example, the other day they were showing an old Shirley Temple movie. Tonight, it was an old episode of---Speed Racer.
    I've never seen brush strokes on animation cels show so clearly on TV [​IMG]
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    i never understood the deal with speed racer. when i was little i always thought something about it seemed odd.

    on more recent viewing of the show including right now as i type, it's hard not to see how it looks re-arranged from whatever the origional versions of the show must have been in ?japan? or i should say origionally produced, recorded, i'm not sure of the right word. created?

    i don't know it seems like the editing is odd and the dubbing is terrible. not because of the lip synch but because it appears that dialogue doesn't match the action on the show sometimes. like it was translated using the wrong dialogue to make it more children friendly. or americanized.

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