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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Neil_Rak, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Part 1 - HDMI UPconversion.

    I just bought a Pioneer 5060HD plasma and now want to build a decent home theater around it for about $1500.

    Now, since this TV has 2 HDMI inputs I thought it would be good to get a receiver that can utilize this by upconverting DVDs to high def like quality. Now I noticed that the prices on receivers with this capability jump significantly. So the first question is, IS IT WORTH IT? Because receivers with otherwise same features that upconvert to component without HDMI are alot cheaper.

    Also if I get a receiver like this, do I need then to buy a DVDplayer with HDMI upconversion too to make it worth it? or is it just one or the other?

    PART 2 - Which to buy. (for those who said yes to part 1)

    Now I noticed to HTIBs with HDMI output : Panasonic HT940 ($500) and Sony DAV-FX100 ($800). Could these get the job done? I am bit weary of the 10% THD they have.

    Now looking at upperscale brands with THD >0.09%, I think the lowest level units with HDMI upconversion are:
    Denon 2807
    Onkyo SR803
    Yamaha V1600

    but these are at $1000 just for a receiver, not leaving any money for good speakers or DVD player.

    So... Is there any good products in the middle that wont sacrifice quality too much, but provide the good HD experience? Or should I suck it up and get one of those three.

    THank you for any suggestions.
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    Especially since your TV has 2 HDMI inputs I believe it is better to run directly to the TV from your video sources. 1) each input on the TV will probably allow its own video settings (if the receiver switches you go to a single input on the TV, leaving you with the same settings for all sources, maybe/maybe not an issue.) 2) There are still handshake issues with HDMI (HDCP) even directly with some componants to the TV, more so when routing through a receiver.

    Upconverting DVD players basically do what the TV is going to have to do anyway. Reviews on these vary from movie to movie as to whether it looks better upconverted or not. If you aren't planning on a DVD player in the $300 and up range, it probably doesn't buy you anything to have an upconverting DVD. High definition DVD will need HDMI

    Receivers available without HDMI: Yamaha RX-V2600 (that I am in love with) for around $800 or-from B&H Photo you can get the HTR 5890 for around $500, great value.

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