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HDMI STB Issue. Is there a work-around possible??? (1 Viewer)

Kevin Alexander

Apr 17, 1999
I think I'm in the right place for this question, anyway.....

Can someone let me know if there is a workable solution for this? My Comcast DVR has a DVI and component output, when I used a DVI to HDMI cable run through the receiver, it won't work (HDCP issues). But when I run it the DVI-HDMI cable straight to the TV (Toshiba 57HM167), I get the HD picture I'm accustomed to. The only downside is I have to switch inputs on the TV which is very, very annoying.

So I decided to output from the Comcast DVR w/ component cables through my Onkyo 805, but....

When I output my Comcast DVR w/ component cable to my Onkyo 805, it produces an ugly HD picture w/ oversaturated colors and distorted detail. It appears as if the Onkyo is screwing w/ the incoming component signal and after the conversion, outputting a crappy signal out to the TV over HDMI.

Can someone tell me what's going on, and if there is some inexpensive device (HDMI splitter cable perhaps?) that lets me use the DVI-HDMI cable and output from the DVR and the "HDMI Monitor Out" on back of the receiver to just one HDMI input on back of the TV?

Again, my objective is to avoid switching inputs on the TV remote to watch cable. Thanks guys, and sorry if this sounds confusing.


Second Unit
Oct 20, 1999
Get Comcast to replace your cable box with a newer version which has a HDMI connection. This is what I did a couple of months ago. Tell them you're having some issues and request a replacement, mention that you need one with an HDMI connection (actually I got the impression that's all they were supplying now). They had someone out at my house pretty quickly, and they didn't ask any questions, just gave me a new one.

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