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    Hi folks,
    after lots of time, I´m back with a question, mi Tv ( Sony 51" HDTV ready, bought 3 years ago) only has 2 component video inputs, are there any adapters available to connect HDMI or DVI devices to connect this kind of outputs
    to component video inputs?. thanks in advance!
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    These sorts of adapters, as well as just about any other video adapters, are sold by a variety of places but good places to find them are often places that deal with computers because a lot of people want to use their new, hi-rez graphics cards with their lower-rez TV's. In fact, due to the highly competitive nature in the computer area coupled with a more no-nonsense approach with respect to products, the prices are likely to be signficantly lower that say if you bought a similar product from Monster or some place that deals in Home Theaters. For example, at http://www.computercablestore.com/detail.aspx?ID=7338 you'll find an adapter for $30 that'll interface a DVI to component video. Like anything else, make sure you get the genders straight.
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    Hi Eduardo.

    You may have some problems with this.

    HDMI and DVI are digital signals - but they offer some copy-protection features that wont work with simple converters.

    Hollywood is afraid to produce HighDef DVD's or signals because of the fear someone would use these to create millions of Video CD's or tapes that would flood the market. So they have insisted that DVI and HDMI have features that provide copy-protection.

    Basically - every few seconds a High Def device would ask the destination television for proof that it is a display-only device and it's not making a copy. A simple adaptor wont provide the correct responses.

    The adaptor WILL work on simple things like a CATV box and perhaps a up-converting DVD player. But it wont work for products like the "Movie Box" and the new high-def DVD players.

    So you may be in the market for a new television in the next year or so. Make sure any new unit offers HDMI with "HDCP" features.

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