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HDMI not working with specific blu-ray player (1 Viewer)


Jan 5, 2013
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Andy W
So here's a weird problem.

I bought a Samsung Blu-Ray player about a month ago (model BD-J5700/ZA). Plugging it into my Samsung 32inch LCD TV with HDMI it was working fine. After about a week or 2 the audio stopped working. No audio at all.
Just the audio, as the video was fine.
Trying to make sure the problem wasn't the HDMI input on the TV I switch out the blu-ray with my Apple TV (4th gen) and got just fine playback (audio and video) on the same input of the TV.
I switched the devices between all 3 HDMI inputs on the TV. Regardless of the input the audio on the blu-ray player would NOT work.
I contacted Samsung figuring the unit is messed up some how. I sent it in to their service center and the THEY said that the unit is just fine and that the HDMI PCB on my TV must be bad.
[scratches head]
But if the PCB for the HDMI is bad then why would the Apple TV HDMI work on that input?
Upon getting it back from the service center, I plugged the Blu-Ray Player back into the Samsung TV and the audio still wouldn't work. I then plugged it into the TV downstairs and it worked fine.
Some background: Both TVs (Samsung LCD-32 inches, Panasonic Plasma-58 inches) are easily 10 years old, the Apple TV is only about 1 year old, the Samsung Blu-Ray player is about 1 month old, I've tried different HDMI cables.

I was thinking that maybe the HDMI pcbs on the Samsung have gone bad but the Apple TV works with them.
Has there been a huge leap in HDMI cables or something? Are there different types/levels of HDMI cables?

If anyone could shed some light here, I'd be super grateful.

xx Brian xx

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Dec 18, 2017
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I would check the audio output setting on the bluray player. Change it to PCM and see if that fixes the issue. My guess is that it is sending out a bitstream signal that the TV can't decode.



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Nov 11, 2011
North Carolina
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Phil Smoot
This week I put in a new A/V Receiver, so my Samsung Blu-ray player is now HDMI-Main out to the television, but the additional HDMI-out for audio goes to the A/V receiver.

Sometimes this will work automatically, but when I did a bit of playing the Auto part did not work and I was not getting sound through the A/V Receiver but Picture was fine to the television.

The answer for me was to go to the HDMI out settings and select the correct setting for the Video going out from the Main HDMI and the Audio going out from the sub HDMI for audio only.

You may need to check the Samsung HDMI out settings.
In my case, this had nothing to do with setting the PCM output.

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