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    I have a Yamaha HTR 3066 receiver on my home theater. I'm using 4 HDMI inputs, routing all of them through the receiver. The audio is all sent to a Bose system. I also have a TV in my kitchen connected to the home theater system via a 1X2 PRO Series Powered HDMI® Splitter. The splitter is located in my home theater cabinet, and the kitchen TV is connected to the splitter via a 40' HDMI cable. The picture on the kitchen TV is terrific--no degradation from the home theater system at all.

    I did not think this through when I bought the HDMI splitter; those of you familiar with home theater setups will already know the issue: no audio at the kitchen TV, as all the audio is sent to the family room Bose system via the receiver.

    So here is my question--can I get some other component that could be plugged into the "audio out jacks" of the receiver (I believe this is like a tape monitor out jack) and then connect a wireless transmitter? I could then locate the wireless speaker behind the kitchen TV to provide audio. One monaural speaker is all that is needed.

    Plan B is to return the 1x2 PRO HDMI splitter and get a 4x2 PRO hub, but the monoprice people tell me that this is not likely to work with the 40' long HDMI cable. (the 4x2 hub is not amplified, the 1x2 is.

    Or, is there some other simpler solution I'm too inexperienced to see? Any and all help is appreciated.

    Any thoughts or solutions?

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    Buy a.more modern AVR with 2 HDMI outputs.The amount of money you'll spend on a matrix That might work, is solved with a newer AVR. The Onkyo 717 is a good option.I don't remember if the older 708 had twin HDMI or not, if it does, a forum member is selling one for $300.

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