HDMI direct to projector or use receiver?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Rick Westfall, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Quick question. If my HT setup is only using a DVD player for the video source (no games, cable boxes, satellite, etc) for the moment, is it better to run the HDMI directly to from the DVD player to the projector or still run it to the receiver? I know that if I add items later, I'll want to use the receiver to switch for me, but for now I'm thinking the less pieces in the puzzle, the better.

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    Some receivers like the one I just bought actualy upconvert the hdmi fed to it into 1080i or 720p no matter what the source is, even 480p for that matter so the optimal connection is via the receiver. Then again, if you upgrade to hddvd or bluray then you may want to also run via the receiver anyway to take advantage of the video (and audio) that the hdmi connection carries. Another advantage is to be able to see the onscreen displays of course, actually the only disadvantage really is $$$ as you need a second hdmi cable.

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