HDMI Audio Decoding

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    Looking to Decode DVD Audio from a HDMI source.

    I would get a stereo receiver but I am looking for a Low Level Output for the 6 channels not powered outputs.

    I have powered speakers, just need an RCA or 1/8" Jack.

    Should have a HDMI in and HDMI thru to take picture to the TV.

    Setup is going to be Cable Box/DVD into a HDMI Combiner into a Audio Decoder, take the audio out of there and loop the HDMI picture to the TV. I bought a unit off ebay but it only does LPCM not Dolby Digital. The closest thing I see is a $500 solution from Gefen. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/650899-REG/Gefen_GTV_AUDDEC_Gefen_Audio_Decoder.html


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    You have a few options:

    1 - Buy a BluRay or DVD player with built-in decoding. They typically cost $30-$50 more than the comparable version that doesn't have decoding.

    2 - Buy a pre-amp that has HDMI inputs.

    3 - Buy a receiver that has pre-outs for each channel (example: Onkyo RC180) . . . I would lean toward this route as pre-amps are typically geared toward higher-end separates setups and are often more expensive.

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