HD TV Programs Not On Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Bill Waits, Mar 26, 2014.

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    I'll +1 Bill's picks, and add that Syfy is crazy not to offer most of their current shows like Warehouse 13 in blu.
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    I see Season Two of Longmire is coming out... not in Blu-ray. Sigh. Good show. Great Santa Fe scenery (but not so much in SD).
  3. ChrisCook

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    While I don't currently own the set, Flashpoint has been completely released on Blu-ray in Germany. Unfortunately, the same can't be said (yet, I hope) for Burn Notice or The Unit. I hope also White Collar, once the sixth and final season is wrapped, will get unstalled.

    Others absent entirely on my wish list:

    Psych (I'll rebuy up to Season 7)
    Friday Night Lights (only if the music is fully restored/includes the longer DirecTV cuts)
    Jericho (I have Season 2 on DVD and would definitely purchase Season 1 IF the music is fully restored.)
    Life on Mars (US)
    Corner Gas (especially Season 3 as the DVD is non-anamorphic)Jamie Oliver (There are a few shows of his I like to have in HD.)
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    HD shows not on BD is one of the reasons I went region free DVD ages ago.Scaled 576 looks so much better.
  5. jcroy

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    (On a tangential rant).

    At this point, I'm pretty much "burned out" on tv on dvd/bluray. (More generally, "burned out" on dvd/bluray overall).

    I'm not going to bother buying any new shows on dvd/bluray, unless the show is really compelling to me. The recent batch of (loosely) sci-fi/fantasy shows on bluray has been rather lackluster, such as: "Under The Dome", Defiance, "Falling Skies", Revolution, Helix, etc ...

    For some better written/produced shows I've been watching like Continuum, Orphan Black, The Americans, etc ..., I have largely turned down the bluray sets, due to a lack of rewatch value of such shows. I've watched these shows in day long marathons, where I found it wasn't as good the third or fourth time watching the same episodes.

    Going forward, I'm probably just going to pick up the remaining seasons of shows I have previous seasons of, to my satisfaction (not absolutely). If I'm going to "double dip" and buy the bluray versions of stuff I already have, it will probably be mostly stuff from the bargain bin.

    In terms of bluray tv season sets, I don't have much on my list of possible buys:

    Hawaii Five-0 - seasons 2 and 3.

    Spartacus - seasons 1 and 2.

    Cinemax's Strike Back - seasons 2 to 4. (The show ends next year, so I may very well hold out for a possible "complete series" bluray set).

    For current ongoing tv shows, I currently only buy two shows: "Person of Interest" (bluray) and "House of Lies" (dvd).

    Other shows which I'll eventually get around to "completing" the dvd sets, are shows like:

    - The Mentalist
    - Psych
    - the original Mission Impossible
    - Eureka
    - Warehouse 13
    - Starsky & Hutch
    - Dallas
    - etc ...

    There's numerous other current shows I would like to finish watching eventually, such as: Rizzoli and Isles, White Collar, The Good Wife, Elementary, NCIS: Los Angeles, etc ... So far I haven't purchased any of these shows on dvd (or bluray), and I see no point in buying more dvd season sets when I already have a huge backlog of unwatched dvd/bluray tv season sets. If and when I come back to these shows at a future date, most likely the dvd seasons sets will already be $10 (or less) bargain bin fodder.

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