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    Have spent 3 days with a new Toshiba DST-3000 ($660 from Best Buy) and, honestly, am NOT impressed with it. The guide menu and the remote are just not to my liking. I'm also a little disappointed in the lack of true HD programming on DirecTV (only HDnet and HBO-HD). It just doesn't seem to justify the cost of the HD receiver at this point in time.
    I'm going to return the Toshiba next week....but have been unable to find any other HD receivers in stock anywhere in Asheville. (Go figure!)
    Circuit City carries the Sony HD/DirecTV receiver ($799 SRP)however, as well as being currently out of stock, the manager informed me that they'd had many, many returns on that unit as it had problems "running too hot". He said that Sony had "stopped production" on that unit and were fixing the bug, and that they expect some kind of HD receiver shipment in mid-to-late April. (Anyone else hear anything about this problem with the Sony HD receivers???)
    Anyway, I enjoyed the guide/menu on the el'cheapo RCA non-HD DirecTV receivers much better than the Toshiba. I love that the current screen is "shrunk" and placed in the upper left hand corner. (Does the RCA HD receiver have the same menu???)
    Would love to hear from other HD-receiver owners: which brand did you purchase??? and are you happy with it???
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    Yea, this is a difficult time in the HD arena. It is early and you know changes and improvements will come down the line eventually.

    With that thought in mind, realize that what matters is a 1080i picture. Once you become intoxicated with it, guides, antennas, dishes, cable hookups etc. will mean nothing. The only thing to worry about is 1080i programming, and how to get it.

    I use a Dish 6000 and like it quite a bit. But like I said, the hardware does not mean anything. Focus on the big picture. I'm a little frustrated at this point in time because I like movies and sports. Dish has more movies and Direct has more sports. Cable has three channels but just lost the Yankees. NYC had CBS, NBC, ABC, WOR, WPIX and PBS (all HD-OTA), then 9/11 happened.

    It'll all work out over time. Dish is trying to buy Direct and we might get a crossover of sevices by summer.

    To answer your question, I wouldn't spend big dollars at this time, just get something that will get you intoxicated with 1080i. I recently saw an open box DTC-100 at Best Buy for $350 that would fill the bill for anyone.
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    I have the Sony SATHD100 but have had to return three before I got one that had "no ploblems".

    I live in South Florida so I'm able to pull PBS,ABC,CBS and FOX hd ota. I also have HDnet and HBO hd like you.

    I find myself watching almost anything that is in HD. I really think that you should atleast keep the receiver for a couple of weeks before you return it. I am very happy with mine even with all the problems I've had.

    I got mine from Circuit City and had them do a price match from a local competitor but also paid for a three year replacement warranty. At almost $600 I found this to be a deal since I paid $1000 for my first dss receiver in 1996.

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    I would look for a cheap, used DTC-100. Maybe an "open box" at BB or CC. It is hard to beat the value of this HD receiver.

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