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bob kaplan

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Feb 5, 1999
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bob kaplan
A near-by classical radio station has added HD. It's my favorite. Sometimes we receive the analog signal clearly, but often there is enough static to force me to listen to other stuff. Would an HD tuner help matters?... or if the signal is not strong enough, just not "get" the station?
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Aug 28, 2007
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Since HD radio stills pulls signals over conventional antennae it's not guaranteed to work perfectly, but in reading other people's experiences and after my own I would say it's worth the investment. My father is a huge fan of a particular classical station but his house is in a shallow canyon in a semi-rural area so the reception is poor. He came to me with the suggestion of an HD tuner and after a bit of research I found the Sony XDR-F1HD which for about $80 seemed like an acceptable risk since I was unfamiliar with the technology and wasn't sure how well it would work.
The device is still susceptible to the shortcomings of conventional radio -- your physical location and the placement of the antennae determining whether or not it will: A) Lock onto an HD signal, B) Receive a weak HD signal, or C) Revert to standard FM/AM. It comes with a long T-shaped FM antenna and a standard AM loop antenna. With his favorite station in mind (and the aesthetic considerations of snaking the thin white FM wire up the crevices in the wall) it took about 20-30 minutes to find the best placement for the antenna so it would consistently lock onto the HD signal -- but I did find it. I'd previously purchased/installed some very nice floorstanding speakers for my parents and the difference between the clear-as-a-bell HD signal and the downright painful FM signal (particularly so for classical music, which never "hides" the sound of static) is tremendous. My father is of course the final judge and he is very pleased with the results. If you can afford it I say give it a shot.

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