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HD Movies That Shine on a 4K Display (1 Viewer)


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Jun 20, 2000
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I'm curious about HD (not 4K) movies that never really reached their potential on regular HD displays, but come to life on a 4K display. It might not actually be the 4K resolution, but the improved gamut and finer gradation of HDR and QLED displays.

Two movies in particular have really stood out to me as just looking far better than they ever did before, even on my previous plasma display, compared to my Vizio P Series QLED.

Far From Heaven: Every display, especially my old RPTV had trouble with this movie, but even the plasma struggled with the color palate. Of course, DVD simply wasn't capable of containing the colors, but the BR on a plasma still didn't do it justice. When I finally watched it on the QLED, I expected deeply saturated colors, but it was actually a lot more pastel than I expected. It had a lot more subtlety than I thought there would be. A completely different visual experience than it had ever been before.

9: I watched this dark, dystopian, animated movie over the weekend and was stunned by both the dynamics and gradation of the image with the QLED. Plus, the soundtrack is astounding and this was a double pleasure since it was also the first time hearing it with my awesome new dual SVS SB-16 Ultras.

I'm looking for other examples. Not "this looks awesome in 4K" but movies only available on BR where their visuals just couldn't be reproduced with traditional HD displays and are like a new experience with the capabilities of current displays, even just upscaled from 1080 BR.

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