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    Have some questions:

    Let's pretend HD-DVD becomes a reality, using something like 720p. So, we have 720x1280 displayed 60 times/sec. Will movies still be filmed at 24fps? Does anyone see the problem I see here? I guess you can do the 3:2 thingy, but why bother? We effectivly still get 720/24p, not 720/60p, right?

    Is the film industry preparing to avoid this, and hopefully get an ideal film transfer to HD-DVD? Specifically, do they have any plans to fully exploit the increased framerate that HD formats support, like recording a full frame very 1/60 second?

    What do broadcast HD cameras support now? For 1080i, do they record a full drame every 1/30 second, then redisplay half 1/60th then other half next 1/60th second? For 720p, do they record a full frame (1280x720) every 1/60th second?
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    Film based movies will always be shot at 24 fps. Films are shot to be optimally displayed using a film projector in a theater, and they have found 24 fps to be optimal. Professional projectors display each frame more than once to reduce flicker. I think it is 3 times each, but I could be wrong.

    I don't think more than 24 fps is necessary though. It's not perfect of course, but it doesn't bother me to much. Eventually movies will be mostly shot using HD cameras, so that will make the issue moot.

    As far as HD cameras, that is an interesting question. I'll take a good guess at it, but I may be wrong. 1080i cameras actually take shots every 1/60th of a second, and every one of these fields are at half resolution. I don't think that a full frame at 1920*1080 is ever captured. I believe this is how all interlaced video is shot. Hopefully a more knowledgable member will contribute more.


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