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    My question is probably pretty simple, but the sources that I've been able to address it to don't seem to have the answer. I have a Mitsubishi HC3 ColorView Projector that I'm using in my home theater. The projector has several different inputs (8 pin serial, 15 pin, S-video, and component), and the resolution can be set to 1024x768. For television viewing I am using a Dishnetwork satalite receiver. I'm considering upgrading the receiver to one of their HD receivers. The question that I have is if I will be able to display an HD picture with this projector if it's connected directly to the receiver, or will I need some sort of decoder? I've contacted the Dishnetwork tech support line with this question and they couldn't answer the question (but they did say that they could tell me how reset the address on my remote control. Very helpful).

    Thanks in advance for anyhelp on this.
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    Your projector's native resolution is 960x540. It is exactly 1/4 of a 1920x1080 HDTV signal. Set your satellite box to output a 1080i signal and use the HD component video input on the projector. The projector will automatically recognize that type of signal and process it to match its 960x540 pixel map. You will likely experience the least amount of scaling artifacts with 1080i rather than 720p.

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    Your projector will accept and play HD material, for now.
    HDCP via DVI or HDMI is the real sticking point with the release of HD DVD's and BlueRay Discs.

    It is the intention of the movie theaters to restrict HD to the two types of connections listed above. Component connections may be down scaled to 480p.

    Your projector is not HD so this may not be an issue for you but it is something to consider if you plan to keep this projector.

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