hca-855a vs. hca-1205a vs. a125x5

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  1. Kevin T

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    Jul 12, 2001
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    i'm thinking of moving to separates but i'm having difficulty choosing an amplifier. the best value i believe is the parasound hca-855a. however, the acurus intrigues me as well. the parasound obviously has the better warranty of the two. the hca-1205a has more power than both of them though. my question is which would you consider the best option. keep in mind my living room is only 17'x14'x10'. i'm powering a pair of mirage frx-7 (91 db efficiency), frx-center, frx-rears. i hope to add a svs 25-31pc late next year. as for the pre-amp i intend to use my sony db930 but will hopefully ugrade to the outlaw 950 depending upon reviews and how i like it once in my system. unfortunately i have no local dealer for parasound or acurus so i can't give them a full listen. could you please post any experiences regarding these amps, especially the hca-855a as that's the one i'm leaning toward. thank you.
    kevin t
  2. Michael Yung

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    Mar 15, 2001
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    I am also looking for reviews on the above two Parasound amps and also for the Outlaw 750. Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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